Sushi time!

I was determined to have Japanese for lunch today but somehow ended up eating a turkey and Brie flute. How does that happen? So after a particularly long and hellish day it’s always… Continue reading

School rules

Maybe it’s because I’m hungry or maybe it’s because that last post seemed kind of popular but here’s another photo from The Classroom in North Perth – Sliders!

School’s Out

If you want to stay up past your bed time on a school night and not spend all your pocket money at once, then The Classroom in North Perth is worth a visit.… Continue reading


Nothing beats a good cupcake and it is hard to beat the cupcakes from Sprinkles in Los Angeles. Vanilla vanilla, chocolate chocolate, red velvet…and they have perfected that hard to get right ratio of… Continue reading

Food trucks

It’s fairly obvious from the lack of posts I have been eating and tweeting and not blogging. Perth finally got a US style food truck last year in the shape of Butty’s Food Truck.… Continue reading

These are not the plates I was looking for…

On my first night in Melbourne I had a quick bite to eat – make that several small plates – at the Pelican. I’ve never had a bum steer from Urban Spoon but… Continue reading

Cacao Fine Chocolate a fine place to dine

It might appear from the sudden lack of posts that I have stopped eating. Not so. For a while I forgot my password (doh) and then I wanted to insert some photo galleries which… Continue reading

Lazy Sunday yum cha

One of my strongest childhood memories is the Saturday or Sunday drive to Dragon Palace in Subiaco or Jumbo in Belmont for dim sum lunch. It wasn’t a fond memory. I suffered car… Continue reading

Tapas night

Ok, here goes my third attempt at this post. Version one the words vanished, version two, the images didn’t post as a gallery and were huge! Last week we visited Jezebelle in Guildford, opposite… Continue reading

To the Cape

Last year during a fleeting weekend down south for a wedding, without children in tow, we managed to snare a last minute booking at the restaurant at Cape Lodge. We had been using The… Continue reading