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Nothing beats a good cupcake and it is hard to beat the cupcakes from Sprinkles in Los Angeles. Vanilla vanilla, chocolate chocolate, red velvet…and they have perfected that hard to get right ratio of… Continue reading


When I get a mid-afternoon sugar craving my thoughts turn to Crumbs. I first visited Crumbs in New York in 2009. This is the display case at the Crumbs store at Hollywood &… Continue reading

American Breakfast

There’s nothing quite like a proper American breakfast with eggs sunny side up, runny yolks, firm whites. Crispy bacon. Real hash browns – none of that frozen packet nonsense. Served with a side of… Continue reading

Eats2Tweet finally takes off

Welcome to Eats2Tweet, or Eats to Tweet…a collection of foodie photos and quick posts designed to share and showcase the thousands of meals I have eaten, photographed or just salivated over the past few years… Continue reading