First meal of the day

Last week I had a breakfast catch up at Foam Coffee Bar in Leederville.
I hadn’t been there for quite some time but had regularly salivated over their Instagram posts.
So I have to say I was a little disappointed with my scrambled eggs on toast.
They were served at such breakneck speed that my companion wondered if they had been pre-prepared.
The serve was also on the smallish side. And a bit overdone; I do like mine on the creamier Bill Granger-style side. But tasty just the same.
On the plus side the toast was hot and crisp and came with butter albeit in a strange shape.
The biggest letdown was the side order of mushrooms for $4. Count how many are on the plate. Good value?
Coffees came well after we started the meals. Not a bad thing but not usual. Lucky I’d already had one caffeine fix at home.