Fabulous finger limes

Last weekend I had the opportunity to sample some Pemberton Finger Limes, an Australian native with an extremely short fruit season.

I’d never heard of finger limes until a few months ago and didn’t know what they looked like.


Yep they look pretty weird and that weirdness continues inside.


But boy what a taste sensation. They look like tiny pearls of caviar but burst in the mouth like zesty little bites of pink grapefruit and lime.

I didn’t realise until today the best way to slice them is not lengthways like I did in the collage photo. Doh! If you cut them in half you can squeeze the balls out. That’s what you get for not reading the recipe book properly.

They are a bit tricky to handle and there are also tiny pips you can see on the main photo; only a few and easy to remove.

I tried them last weekend with smoked salmon and blinis. Not the easiest to photograph and see given they are the same colour!


Then I tried them with Qld scallops, cracked pepper and bacon – yum!


The finger lime season ends this month so if you want to try them, get a move on to Fresh Provisions Mt Lawley or the Pemberton Finger Limes website for a full list of suppliers.