Farmers’ Market Fresh

Whenever we are in Margaret River our first stop is always the Saturday farmers’ market in the old hospital/community centre in Tunnbridge St.

Last weekend being Easter, the market was sardine-packed with some products sold out before 9.30am.

My first stop is usually The Farm House to pick up some lamb, hence determining the weekend’s menu and what else we need.

They had sold out of butterflied lamb legs already so I picked up a couple of lamb rumps which I’ve never cooked with before. As suggested, I browned them and then finished them off in the oven. The two small rumps totalled about 800g and easily fed four of us with a serve leftover.


I marinated the lamb in lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper before cooking – local garlic from the markets of course.

While I madly run around grabbing veggies and pastries, my husband stands in the queue for Yahava Koffee

And we end up with breakfast that looks a bit like this…


The next day’s breakfast is usually bacon and eggs.