Allergy-aware Easter

Happy Easter, bunnies.
As you scoff Lindt rabbits and Cadbury eggs spare a thought for those who are allergic to dairy or nuts.
I probably should have posted this earlier in the week rather than Easter Sunday but if you are looking for a dairy-free chocolate you can’t go past the range from Sweet William .
In addition to being dairy and nut-free (peanuts and tree nuts) the chocolates are gluten-free, preservative-free and there are also sugar-free varieties. They’re also suitable for vegans.
Most Woolworths and Coles carry the bars in their health food aisles and the share-packs. Coles also sell the buttons/melts for baking; great in muffins and cookies.
While I’ve never found the chocolate Santas I did pick up the chocolate bunnies, pictured, in Coles in the Easter egg aisle.
A couple of years ago when the product was harder to source we had to buy an entire box of large crackle bunnies from a supplier.
There’s also a spread, previously called “mud slide” that’s a dairy and nut-free version of Nutella.
My son – who has no allergies whatsoever – often steals his sister’s Sweet William chocolates if we’ve run out of regular chocolate which is testament to the taste being similar to the real thing.
My daughter has dairy, egg and nut allergies and has never had a reaction to anything from Sweet William.
The same unfortunately can’t be said of other supposedly dairy-free dark chocolate varieties.
Sweet William chocolate has a regular place in our shopping trolley and means my daughter can take a few treats to parties and not miss out on events like Easter.