Fresh and fast sweet treats

School holidays sees an end to to the conundrum of what to put in the lunchbox each day but kids still want to have morning and afternoon tea, especially when they have hungry friends around.

Having a child with life-threatening food allergies means I’ve never had the simple option of just opening the pantry and opening a pack of whatever. I make lunch box snacks every weekend while most of my friends pack Shapes, chips and pre-packaged snacks.

One of the treats my kids like the best are cinnamon scrolls. This simple recipe from All Recipes is so quick and easy even my husband can make them.

The original inspiration for this recipe was my addiction to Cinnabon which you can’t get in Australia.

The All Recipes scrolls don’t have yeast which is why they are so quick to make and bake. I also adapted the recipe to be dairy-free by substituting milk for soy milk and butter for a dairy-free spread such as the one made by Tablelands.

You can get these on the table in 20-30 minutes and need only pantry staples – flour, margarine/butter, milk/soy milk, brown sugar, icing sugar and cinnamon.

I reckon Hot Cross Bun lovers would also enjoy these!