Monthly Archive: April, 2014

Farmers’ Market Fresh

Whenever we are in Margaret River our first stop is always the Saturday farmers’ market in the old hospital/community centre in Tunnbridge St. Last weekend being Easter, the market was sardine-packed with some… Continue reading

Allergy-aware Easter

Happy Easter, bunnies. As you scoff Lindt rabbits and Cadbury eggs spare a thought for those who are allergic to dairy or nuts. I probably should have posted this earlier in the week… Continue reading

Happy Easter

Hope everyone is enjoying the first day of the long weekend. I’m not particularly religious but I do observe the fish on Good Friday tradition. That is, no meat! So here’s today’s brunch… Continue reading

Fresh and fast sweet treats

School holidays sees an end to to the conundrum of what to put in the lunchbox each day but kids still want to have morning and afternoon tea, especially when they have hungry… Continue reading

Fish feast

Went to the market this morning hoping to get some more flathead for dinner but they only had a frozen pack so I got that to put aside for Good Friday. So for… Continue reading


I’m experimenting with posting from my iPhone and iPad as I’m pretty sure the only way I’ll be able to keep up the momentum is if I post from a mobile device loaded… Continue reading

To market to market

I love that farmers’ markets have popped up all over Perth the past few years as visiting fresh and artisan markets in the country and other cities has been a favourite past time.… Continue reading

Sushi time!

I was determined to have Japanese for lunch today but somehow ended up eating a turkey and Brie flute. How does that happen? So after a particularly long and hellish day it’s always… Continue reading

School rules

Maybe it’s because I’m hungry or maybe it’s because that last post seemed kind of popular but here’s another photo from The Classroom in North Perth – Sliders!

School’s Out

If you want to stay up past your bed time on a school night and not spend all your pocket money at once, then The Classroom in North Perth is worth a visit.… Continue reading