Lazy Sunday yum cha

One of my strongest childhood memories is the Saturday or Sunday drive to Dragon Palace in Subiaco or Jumbo in Belmont for dim sum lunch.

It wasn’t a fond memory. I suffered car sickness and I wasn’t that fond of the food.

For many years I avoided yum cha like the plague, until in the early 1990s one of the lovely gents I worked with at Roadshow in Sydney introduced me to the delights of yum cha at the Regal and Marigold restaurants.

I’m still no fan of pork (apart from bacon and ham) but I can certainly gobble down a good pork bun.

So, today we headed to Northbridge to check out the relatively new Emma’s Dim Sum Cafe Delight in Newcastle Street.

The restaurant only opened at the start of the month so has that crisp new clean feel missing from so many Chinese restaurants; big windows allowing in natural light, gleaming new cutlery and crockery.

The staff were very attentive, topping up the tea pot and regularly clearing plates when not offering food from trays and the traditional trolley.

Chilli squid, pork buns, bbq pork, sticky rice, rice porridge, siu mai, prawn and chive dumpling etc etc – all the usual suspects are on the menu plus more. Plus a curious $1.50 pp service charge? Very Singapore style la and perhaps a necessity since most locals probably don’t tip.

I’m not a big fan of yum cha desserts apart from the egg tarts but enjoyed the almond sago eaten through a straw.

Yum cha lovers will be pleased to know Emma’s serves yum cha day and night – so if that pork bun craving hits after 5pm, you know where to go (there’s also a noodle menu at night but rice flour rolls, one of my favourites, are apparently not on the night menu).