Dear Friends

Dear Friends…

Looking back through my photo archives I think about a third of the photos I have taken in the past year or two have been of food.

That runs into the hundreds, probably thousands of photos on my iPhone and various cameras.

The pity is, often I cannot remember exactly what the dishes were, even if I know where I ate them. If I took notes, they’re long gone!

Hopefully through this blog, I will load pictures  more quickly, while they are still fresh in my mind.

In the meantime, I shall go back and post occasional images of memorable meals.

The photos below were from my birthday degustation dinner at Dear Friends in Caversham. I made the booking for myself, about six weeks in advance, around the time they got a glowing (17 or so out of 20?) in The West Weekend magazine. I figured if I waited for my husband to book, they’d be booked out.

You can follow the restaurant on Twitter – @dearfriendsrest